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eHealth Strategy and Roadmap in a nutshell

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It doesn’t matter how small your organisation or where you are along the eHealth journey you should develop or refresh your eHealth Strategy and Roadmap regularly.  You will need to keep it simple and focused with business goals at the forefront so everyone moves together and not at cross purposes. It needs to include: Why you need eHealth and what you want it to achieve for you; How are you going to use eHealth to help you; What and when are you going to do it.


3 major things that eHealth Strategy and Roadmaps will achieve for you

  • Ensure that eHealth/ICT is linked to the business goals and directions.
  • Provides a platform for people to be on the same page and make the hard decisions.
  • Makes people accountable.

3 major lessons we have learned about developing eHealth Strategies and Roadmaps

  • It must start with the WHY? It has to be driven by WHY you are doing this and WHAT you are trying to achieve!!!
  • The process of developing a strategy and roadmap is just as important, if not more, than the final document. Senior management support is critical, as is listening to your stakeholders, users and clients and gaining consensus with all key stakeholders.
  • Timing – Keep the strategy simple and don’t change it for 3 to 5 years unless your business goals change. However measure your progress against the roadmap regularly (at a minimum annually) and update as the business or your resources change.

The process also has 3 phases.  The initial phase needs to be sharp and focused where you meet with all stakeholders and establish what the business wants to achieve, where you are now and where you want to be in the future. At the end of this phase you will have the “WHY”.

The second phase focuses on the “HOW” ie eHealth strategies / objectives you need to achieve the business strategies / objectives. This also needs to include how you will measure your success.

The final stage develops the Roadmap ( the ‘’WHAT” and ‘’WHEN”) this is a critical step so that you ensure that your strategy is executed and not just a pretty picture on the wall.

Remember the Roadmap is not your operational plan but will be used to develop it.

Good luck and let me know if you have success stores or lessons you learned when developing your eHealth strategy and roadmap.


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