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eMental health Mastermind Project

Depression is characterised by its high incidence, social cost and is a major cause of morbidity worldwide.  eMental Health technology has proven clinical effectiveness in treating depression and other mental illnesses. The MasterMind project* aims to make high quality treatment for depression more widely available for adults suffering from the illness by the use of technology . Their goal is to assess through specific implementation at scale (more than 5000 patient overall) across 10 European Union and associated countries including the impact of cCBT (computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and video conference for collaborative care and treatment for depression.


3 main objectives of the Mastermind Project

  • Accessibility and equity: pave the way for equal access to quality mental health care across Europe
  • Collaboration and Inclusiveness: Countries and regions within Europe and all relevant stakeholders should collaborate in order to exchange knowledge to optimise treatment for depression.
  • Self-management and “Mastering of own mind”: Through the use of ICT for treatment of depression, depressed citizens who are able to, and who would benefit from it, can master their own treatment, and thereby their own mind, with minimal involvement of mental health professional

3 main groups of guiding principles the project has identified for eMental health

  • eMental Health Innovation, provides an opportunity for disruption of current mental healthcare. It needs to take inspiration from other fields and include international collaboration and knowledge sharing to produce evidence-based mental healthcare and rapid development of new interventions.
  • eMental Health implementation will require empirical insights in implementation and dissemination of evidence- based eMental health which promotes mental healthcare as distinct to other forms of healthcare eg somatic
  • eMental Health deployment will require communication & marketing, trust, reimbursement and political support.

The project will identify barriers and success factors to implementing the two services on a large scale in different political, social, economic and technical health care contexts and from the perspective of different stakeholders such as patients, professionals and health insurances. They aim to provide recommendations for successful strategies for implementing cCBT and video conference for depression in these different settings.  The project runs from the 1st of March 2014 to the 28th of February 2017 and has a total budget of €14m.

This is definitely a project to keep your eyes on as the lessons learned and successful strategies for implementing these two services may have implications in other countries as well as in other areas of eHealth.


*Please note there is no connection between this site and the Mastermind Project.

Photo illustration by Mindy Ricketts


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