Jun 15

Improve your eHealth success rate

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Often eHealth Projects feel like walking on a tightrope. How can you improve the success rate of your eHealth project? I wish I could say that the success rate for eHealth projects was high but we all know that is not the case.  There are always too many risks, too many variables, conflicting priorities, restraints to change and funding obstacles.  However, there are steps you can take to give you the best chance of success



3 things critical to the success of an eHealth project

  • Start with the end in mind– each project is only one part of the full jigsaw. Develop an eHealth Strategy and Roadmaps (the subject of my next post). It doesn’t matter how small your organisation ( this can be on one page) you will benefit from knowing:
    • Why you need eHealth and what you want it to achieve for you
    • How are you going to use eHealth to help you specifically
    • What are you going to do and what will it cost
  • It is about People not Technology- you will need to plan and invest time and money into how you are going to get the change you need?
  • Governance- every organization—large and small, public and private—needs a way to ensure that the eHealth and all information technology sustain the organization’s strategies and objectives.

3 questions you will need to answer at the start

  • Where does analytics fit in? You have to make sure you build this in from the start; there is no point collecting data if you cannot use it.
  • How do I handle innovation? Health and wellness applications is growing at an ever increasing rate, your business will need to keep up.
  • How to handle devices and the internet of everything? Since the launch of the iPad in  2010 the expectation is that devices of all types are now a huge part of life both at home and work and this will need to be incorporate.


The list of success ingredients does vary from project to project. What about you? What other items would you add to the list that works best for you?

Tune in on Thursday for the follow-on post which highlights the critical success factors of Strategies and Roadmaps.



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