Jul 19

New Zealand innovating care

NZNew Zealand Ministry of Health has selected Microsoft Public Cloud services to advance electronic health service systems in the country. The announcement, shared by Microsoft New Zealand, confirmed that Microsoft’s core cloud services Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online, have met the Ministry’s requirements for storage of personal health information. New Zealand’s health tech industry is today worth $1.3B to the local economy. With leading exporters like Orion Health, and more than a hundred other smaller independent software vendors, the health tech sector in New Zealand is one that continues to grow and provide burgeoning opportunity for export to the fast growing global health market.


3 things this will mean for New Zealand

  • Foundations for innovating care – providing an additional platform to support new models of care
  • Potential capital footprint configuration – the area used previously to store paper records and hardware can potentially be reused for clinical purposes
  • Expanding opportunities for software market – allows technology companies to develop innovative solutions for the local and international markets and advance the country’s ability to be a leader in the delivery of successful healthcare solutions, optimized for the future of healthcare increasing export growth

3 things this will enable

  • Personalised medicine which requires the storage and analysis of including genomic and  personal device outputs which will produce terabytes of data about an individual’s
  • Big data with larger volumes and types of data to support predictions to transform the delivery and management of healthcare.
  • Innovation culture for healthcare delivery as well as their healthcare software industry

The New Zealand Ministry of Health is progressive and leading the way on eHealth internationally. The country has a long history of innovating care as  reported this week. New Zealand is delivering a unique mobile surgery service. A 20m-long and 4.2m-high Mobile Health bus, which is 2.5m wide when closed and 4.7m wide when open, was designed and manufactured in New Zealand as a fully-equipped operating theatre that can operate standalone or connected to a host site. The mobile surgical bus travels to 23 rural towns on a five week cycle, with three weeks in the North Island and two weeks in the South Island, where District Health Boards decide on the surgeries to be completed during the unit’s visit. The mobile theatre was first launched in 2002 when several rural hospitals were being rebuilt, and provides the only known service of its kind world-wide.  It provides more than 1500 surgeries a year, and after visiting rural towns for 14 years has provided more than 20,000 surgeries.

New Zealand seems to be able to capitalise on its size, facilitating decision making and creating opportunities without the luxury of significant resources, to the envy of many bigger nations. Congratulations New Zealand.


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